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Sound Mixer

We are a Producer/Stage Manager and Video Engineer partnership with a combined 35 years of experience in live events of all sorts. We focus on bringing the experiences you loved in person, to the streaming platform of your choice on any device or location in the world. We have experience in corporate events, business conferences,  community meetings, not for profit galas, performing arts, and educational settings. We are experienced in coaching high level CEOs and mentoring high school students both on and off camera. We love what we do and we look forward to bringing it to you. 

Like you, we miss the intimacy of working in person but the digital world has a lot to offer. We provide everything from hourly mentorship to a full digital event: pre to post production. 

This includes generation of show documents, 

coaching presenters, content management, 

showcalling, virtual hosting, broadcasting support, and more. We live mix your audio, video, live speakers, and performers, all with your custom graphics to create a seamless experience for your audience. We can use your favorite  streaming platform or advise you on the many options always within your budget.





Camera Lens




At French Press Productions we are dedicated to a fair and equitable future for all people. We support Black Lives Matter, equal pay for all genders and reducing the human impact to our planet. We care deeply about access to education for all and always make space at the table for your interns and apprentices. 

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